Internet Dangers to Watch Out For

Your children are important to you and it is your job as a parent to make sure they grow up to be happy and healthy. Sometimes we may not be as aware of potential dangers as we should be. Your home computer can be a great place of learning or a dangerous tool to your children.

Talk to your child about the potential dangers they face on the Internet. Internet safety is not limited to just identity theft, but also includes cyber bullying and online predators stalking children.

It is important to know what sites your children are visiting and the types of activities which occur at these sites. Checking your Internet history files is a great way to keep an eye on these sites your children visit. Be sure to visit the sites yourself frequently, to ensure the information presented is age appropriate.

Inform your child to not befriend anyone they don’t know in “real life”, because not everyone may be who they say they are online. Advise your children not to give out any personal information online, such as their full name, their age, their phone numbers, home address or even what school they attend. Online predators can use their information to track down your child and potentially harm them or use it for other Internet scams.

Being open and honest with your children, while still being age appropriate, is often the best policy. They may not be as aware of potential dangers as you are so protecting them online needs to be your top priority.

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