How to Warn Your Child about Online Web Predators

Learning how to warn your child about online web predators is easier said than done and parents who have attempted to have a sit-down talk with the preteen or teen soon find that their youngsters are tuning them out.

Instead, it is recommended that this kind of training is an ongoing process that starts the moment the child begins to use a computer for any online activities. Age does not matter and instead of giving it to her all at once, experts suggest that parents gently ease into an age appropriate dialog about what to expect while online.

As parents are learning how to warn a child about online web predators, some are making the crucial mistake of becoming overly reliant on monitoring software to back up their teaching. This is a mistake that has cost some parents dearly.

Predators will gladly teach kids how to get around the software, disable it, erase any movements, and then enable it later on again. Just when parents thought they had made it a safe environment for those in their charge, predators have figured out new ways of getting to the youngsters.

Perhaps the best lesson to remember when you want to find out how to warn your child about online web predators is the same one you used when teaching them about safety on the playground: do not give out your name or address, do not take anything – free stuff, downloads, money — from a stranger, and when a stranger asks you to come into a different chat room with him, run away and tell an adult about it right away.

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