Facts about Kids and Internet Safety

As long as there are kids online, there will be predators targeting them. Parents must realize that their teens may start out using the Internet for homework help or research purposes, but before long they will get involved in the world of social networking as well.

Facts about kids and Internet safety reveal that many times neither the kids nor the parents understand truly how sophisticated online predators have become and how little software is actually going to protect a younger person.

Even teens who have no desire to view objectionable material have at some point been exposed to pornography and online predators have found that their best fishing grounds are the social networking websites.

While kids may enter these sites with the best of intentions, the easygoing atmosphere, the fun interactions, and also the pressure of those interacting sometimes may be sufficient to not immediately log off and tell a parent when they are participating in an online discussion that suddenly turns into an unwanted sexual advance.

As a matter of fact, requests to meet for sex, discussions about sex, and even explicit conversation offered up in a sometimes joking manner can infiltrate even the most innocuous situations.

Facts about kids and Internet safetyalso reveal that even those who were trained by their parents and in schools to be safe online were able to be swayed and eventually gave up personally identifiable information to paid individuals hired by researchers for the sole purpose of finding out how kids would react.

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