Online Dating Safety Tips for Teens and Adults

Millions of people “meet” online each year via chat rooms and dating sites. With people having little time to venture out to meet singles, online dating is growing larger and more popular each year. However, there are many risks associated with online dating.

Of course, there are just as many risks associated with going on a date with a complete stranger from a bar you frequent as well. If you or your teens are interested in online dating, be sure to follow these safety tips!

1) Drive Yourself: One of the biggest mistakes people make during initial online dates is revealing where they live. It’s best to meet the date in a public place, with you driving your own vehicle and parking in a location unknown to the other person. This will help you keep from revealing too much to the stranger.

2) Take A Friend: If you are feeling a bit nervous about meeting someone from the Web, try to plan a double date. Take along a friend or two and make the outing a group event. After you get to know your date better, you may want to try it alone.

3) Give Only Email: Again, revealing too much to your date can be a problem. For one thing, if you don’t end up liking the person, you’ll feel better if they only have your email address. Also, it’s safer to give only an email address initially.

4) Never Invite Them In: If you do show the date where you live, be sure not to invite them in. You should never allow someone to come into your home until you know them very well. Otherwise you’ll put yourself at risk.

5) Look Them Up: While some people think it is absurd, it’s perfectly fine to look up a person’s name on the Web or on any jail or criminal sites before going out on a date with them. You might be shocked!

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