Types of Internet Crimes Against Children

With children using the Internet more and more, at home and in school, Internet crimes against children are becoming more common. It’s the duty of parents to teach their children the rules of the Web, the possibilities of Internet crimes against them and how to protect themselves from online criminal activity.

Cyber Predators

One of the most serious Internet crimes against children is cyber predator crimes. In these situations, children are targeted by adults online. These adults may try to lure children to meet them or pry personal information out of the children, using it to find the child later.

Many times these predators are gathering information in an attempt to abduct the child, with cases leading to not only abductions but also sexual abuse and even murder. It’s vital parents talk to their children about the risks associated with being online and the rules against corresponding with strangers or offering personal information.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is the act of a child or teen being bullied via online resources. This most often occurs via threatening emails or on social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook.

Often, peers will post rude messages or bulletins about other children on these networking sites with large populations of students being able to access the information and join in with more ridicule.

Cyber bullying is a serious matter parents should be aware of. It can lead to devastation, as in Megan Meier’s case where she was cyber bullied and subsequently committed suicide as a result.

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