Teens and Chat Rooms – Recipe for Disaster?

Are teens and chat rooms recipe for disaster? Cases of abductions and sexual assaults abound and many times a predator managed to hook up with an unsuspecting teen via an online chat room.

At times the predator may have masqueraded as another teen and slowly built a relationship that way, while at other times the assailant was indeed a teen but did not divulge that the objective of the communication was more or less with the intent of personal sexual gratification or for personal profit.

Teens and chat rooms have become hot topics on the evening news, and by and large it is agreed that teens need to be much more careful. Just because another poster knows the current hip lingo, is in tune with the latest tunes, and also expresses an interest in the same teen heartthrobs does not automatically mean the person on the other computer is another teen.

Warning signs that should alert teens and chat rooms users alike are posts that ask in increasingly bolder and more persistent manner for a phone number, and address, a photo, or other information that should not be divulged online.

Similarly, if the person begins to message excessively and demands certain behaviors from the teen, it is time to cut lose that poster. Additionally, any threatening emails or personal messages need to be reported to not only the chat room administrators, but in some cases also need to be taken to the police and perhaps even further, depending on the content.

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