Teen Safety In Chat Room Environments

Chat rooms can be fun for reading through and responding to every topic from whimsical relationship gossip to patriotic shout outs over our men and women over seas. Though this can be a simple way to filling free time those who enter a chat room should do so with caution.

The fun can be swiftly blown away by the online predators that linger on sites waiting for the right details to be reveled for them to pounce on an unsuspecting chatter. As parents or simply as a teen there self, there are certain precautions one should take in order to keep themselves safe in a chat room.

One should stick to their user name and if you feel certain to provide your real name keep it on a first name basis only. This is done to prevent a predator from being able to search a chatters full name and to prevent a physical stalking occurrence. Chatter should also keep their work, school and home address offline for the same purpose.

Also keep your age true. Do not pretend to be older than you are and do not mislead someone about who you are. This is dangerous and illegal. You can cause great harm to yourself or another by playing this dangerous game. If in fact the chatter is under the age of sixteen they should have parental consent and an Internet safety discussion. Safety is key and anyone of any age must be cautious and prevent him or herself from becoming a victim.

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  1. freechatroomsgirl

    Many kids don’t realize the dangers of giving their personal information to people they meet online. I believe parents should talk to their children about how to be safe online and maybe schools could help to buy having classes on internet safety for kids and teens.

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