Safety Software for Chat Rooms

While you’d like to thing that teaching your family – especially the little ones – the common chat room safety tips would keep them safe from online predators the fact is that all too often it won’t. It’s not because your children are bad – it’s because they are, after all, just children.

They can easily be lured and tricked. Sometimes the only thing you can do, after you’ve taught them the chat room safety tips like not giving away personal information to strangers on the Web, is to watch what they’re doing and stop potentially dangerous and harmful behavior.

There are some noted Internet vendors that have designed software applications to help you keep your child safe. While the safety tips are important, monitoring the chat rooms they try to access is essential if you’re to be worry free about their Web access.

Windows has a product currently in beta called Live Safety. It has four key features that go beyond teaching safety tips, to blocking or monitoring chat rooms your children access.

The first safety feature of this online application is a set of filters that you have the power to customize so that they fit your personal values and your child’ age. It also gives you access to activity reports that let you know which Web sites your child is visiting.

The safety tips product has a live search function which helps to block inappropriate sites and allow only age-appropriate chat rooms and sites.

With this beta application you don’t have to deliver the chat room safety tips and then spend your time worrying that your child won’t pay attention or follow the rules you’ve laid down. With the Windows safety product your child can attempt to visit a blocked site and send you an online request for reconsideration and access. No matter where you are you can review each site, and decide to approve it or block it. All you need is Internet access.

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