How Online Predators Target Kids

Online predators are becoming trickier and trickier, due to the authorities becoming more aware of their existence. With parents educating their children on what to avoid and authorities busting online predators daily, they are coming up with new ways to target kids.

Online Scams

Many online predators are reverting to using online scams to gather information from kids. They may send your child an email stating they won a great prize and asking for personal information. They may also hack into a child’s favorite site with a pop-up frame asking for personal information. Children often get excited to know they won a prize and will many times enter their information with thinking. This can be a real safety breech!


While Myspace is a great way for adults to communicate with their friends and family, it is not meant for children’s use. Online predators can target children who have Myspace pages. They can add them as a friend, which often instantly allows them to see personal information on the child. Children who post photos of themselves on Myspace can be in great danger of being a victim. Parents who allow their child to have a Myspace account should be very careful. Don’t allow your child to post photos. Don’t allow them to post personal information online.

Overall, it’s important for parents to constantly be aware of new ways online predators are targeting children. By being aware, they can be proactive and educate their children in ways which will allow them to avoid predators.

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