Chat Room Safety Tips

One of the primary reasons teens access the internet is social networking. These sites appear to have mushroomed virtually overnight and they are here to stay.

While many are great ways of providing interactions among peers, parents must be proactive in working with their independent minded teens to recognize problems before they occur and then offer them the tools to deal with the issues as they crop up.

chat room safety tips are posted by a majority of social networking sites, but observing them is actually the duty of the end user.

Teens need to recognize objectionable content and work with the social networking site’s technical support team to have it removed.

Explain to your teen that this is not squealing or tattling but instead a way of keeping safe younger users who might not realize what they are getting into and may find themselves in serious trouble were they to click on the link and become exposed to this kind of visual imagery.

Encourage your teen to have an online persona that does not necessarily link back to her real self. She might make up a name, a look, and certain hobbies and list them in addition to her own.

This way she may enjoy interactions with peers while at the same time throwing off others who are trolling the social networking site for personally identifiable clues that may point to the real identity of those posting there.

Finally, teach your teen not to fear being “uncool.” Giving out personal information in a chat room is dumb and it is preferable to be considered “uncool” than dumb.

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