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Kids Chat Room Safety

For kids, chat room safety is of utmost priority, especially in the vast open and frightening arena of the Internet where predators lurk and many other unforeseen obstacles are ever-present. Safety should be employed for teens (13-18) and ‘tweens’ (10-12, also known as preteens), but safety conditions differ between them due to maturity level. Tweens […]

Types of Internet Crimes Against Children

With children using the Internet more and more, at home and in school, Internet crimes against children are becoming more common. It’s the duty of parents to teach their children the rules of the Web, the possibilities of Internet crimes against them and how to protect themselves from online criminal activity. Cyber Predators One of […]

Preventing Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a very serious issue many children and teens are facing today. Parents are becoming more aware of these issues, due to highly publicized tragedies involving suicides of children and teens, due in part to cyber bullying by peers. It?s important not only to talk about what cyber bullying is but how to […]

Internet Filtering And Monitoring For Parents

You are not the only parent concerned with their child’s safety online. Internet programmers and website owners are also concerned about your children being as safe and as healthy as possible. With this in mind, they are constantly trying to improve websites so children can be safer and more secure from the possible threats they […]

How Online Predators Target Kids

Online predators are becoming trickier and trickier, due to the authorities becoming more aware of their existence. With parents educating their children on what to avoid and authorities busting online predators daily, they are coming up with new ways to target kids. Online Scams Many online predators are reverting to using online scams to gather […]

Chat Rooms for Kids and Teens – Safety First

Does your child or teen long to chat with their friends online? If they are like millions of others their age, chatting online is one of their favorite things to waste time doing. However, there is great risk associated with allowing your children to chat online. By using these safety tips, you can keep your […]

Chat Room Safety Tips

One of the primary reasons teens access the internet is social networking. These sites appear to have mushroomed virtually overnight and they are here to stay. While many are great ways of providing interactions among peers, parents must be proactive in working with their independent minded teens to recognize problems before they occur and then […]

Teens and Chat Rooms – Recipe for Disaster?

Are teens and chat rooms recipe for disaster? Cases of abductions and sexual assaults abound and many times a predator managed to hook up with an unsuspecting teen via an online chat room. At times the predator may have masqueraded as another teen and slowly built a relationship that way, while at other times the […]

Teen Safety In Chat Room Environments

Chat rooms can be fun for reading through and responding to every topic from whimsical relationship gossip to patriotic shout outs over our men and women over seas. Though this can be a simple way to filling free time those who enter a chat room should do so with caution. The fun can be swiftly […]

Internet Safety Can Save The Lives Of Those You Love

It is unexplainable to hear parents ask why is Internet safety so important? With online predators stalking children for despicable intentions is the main reason. Sexual predators befriend youth online and talk these kids into a private one on one meeting for abduction and abuse. Children have to understand the importance of keeping their whereabouts […]