Tips for Keeping Safe When Social Networking

As a child, you learned many rules of life that may help you stay safe and out of harm’s way. Staying away from strangers and not crossing a street without looking both ways helped you stay on top of everyday safety. But, in today’s computer driven times there are even more safety tips to remember […]

The Latest Threats To Being Safe Online

Most online threats do not focus on a person’s physical well being but instead involve financial crimes of a threat of identity theft. The latest threats to being safe online most often include a scam artist trying to con money out of innocent Web users. One of the most commonly used threats today involves the […]

Internet Safety Tips – Why is Internet Safety So Important

Internet safety is among the primary things parents can relay to their own kids in this point in time of technological growth. Without knowing how to suitably handle themselves on-line, children can quickly fall victim to child predators. There has been numerous conditions of children offering private data to the individuals they are unsure of […]

More Useful Internet Safety Tips

With a generation of technology savvy kids growing up around and on the information super highway, Internet safety is as important as never before. Keeping those underage safe from online predators is an important task set before software engineers and also social networking site owners and operators. Unfortunately, parents are not as technology savvy as […]

Privacy: A Right For Every Child

Your kid may have been used to being with you all the time. However, at a blink of an eye you just notice that he is starting to avoid your constant presence to the point of banging his bedroom door. You may be startled upon being confronted by this incident, indeed. However, there is nothing […]

Kids Chat Room Safety

For kids, chat room safety is of utmost priority, especially in the vast open and frightening arena of the Internet where predators lurk and many other unforeseen obstacles are ever-present. Safety should be employed for teens (13-18) and ‘tweens’ (10-12, also known as preteens), but safety conditions differ between them due to maturity level. Tweens […]

Dating Chat Rooms

Dating chat rooms allow singles to meet and engage in interaction as a prelude to meeting in person. The Internet hosts a ton of these dating chat rooms, and each one is different. Many chat rooms are general admission, but several serve to be exclusive to a particular group of people, whether Christian, gay or […]